9 top ecommerce product research tools 

eCommerce competition is getting brutal by the day. Over 90% of eCommerce businesses fail due to challenges related to product research. Finding a winning product and scaling via ads or other marketing channels is essential for eCommerce growth. In this article, we will share nine eCommerce product research tools to help you find winning products for your store.

So, let us begin. 

Sell The Trend — AI-based product discovery solution.  

Sell The Trend is a complete product research tool powered by AI. The platform helps you discover winning products before anyone else and beat the competition every time. Its AI capabilities can manage all your product research and eCommerce growth needs. 

Source: Sell The Trend

The tool provides insights on over 7 million products across 83 unique niches for eCommerce. With its product analytics and trend explorer features, make informed decisions about product selection and marketing.

Additionally, store analysis and influencer search features help you gain insights into your competitors’ strategies, simplifying the process of staying ahead in the game. One-click store automation, supplier database, automated order fulfillment, etc., are other useful features. 

Niche Scraper — AI bot to find winning products

Niche Scraper is a powerful niche and product research tool for finding winning products for eCommerce stores. 

Source: Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a product intelligence tool that will let you know what will ‘click’ with social media generation.

The tool scrapes bestselling products on AliExpress and Shopify, which you can add to your store to increase sales. It also has an Ad Spy (to spy on competitors), niche validation, and a store analysis tool to identify market opportunities.

eComhunt — Curation platform for bestselling products

eComhunt helps anyone looking to find winning products for their eCommerce store. The platform curates bestselling products manually and helps store owners save time and money wasted on bad investments. 

Source: eComHunt

The trend discovery feature help find promising products even before it starts rising into the bestsellers list. There are other tools to spy on competitors, find winning products on AliExpress/Shopify, or speed up product research.

Ecomhunt takes the guesswork out of product research and helps you focus on what matters most – making sales. 

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Thieve is a product research platform that recommends aesthetic products to add to your eCommerce store. The platform has a large library of best-selling products curated by designers, bloggers, and eCommerce experts to help you succeed. 

Source: Thieve

Not just that, you can also find the best suppliers from AliExpress, check out what’s trending, explore and copy the products of top stores, and even find your niche if you’re just getting started. 

It also comes with a content generator, product description generator, and magic image tool to help you quickly populate product details for your eCommerce store listings.  

Unicorn Smasher — Amazon product research tool

Unicorn Smasher is a powerful research tool for Amazon sellers. It tells you what to sell on Amazon to achieve maximum profitability. With an in-built sales estimator, Unicorn Smasher gives you accurate insights and data to eliminate the guesswork. 

Source: Unicorn Smasher

It offers a central dashboard to conduct product research and a Chrome extension to quickly check Amazon sales as well as PPC metrics. The software also has market insights features to unearth product trends, which you can use to add more products to your Amazon seller account or eCommerce store. 

Algopix — Multi-platform product analytics and insights.  

Algopix provides real-time product analysis and insights to help eCommerce businesses make better decisions. With its product analysis features, you can quickly and easily identify profitable products to sell and optimize your pricing strategy. 

Source: Algopix

Algopix lets you conduct product research across multiple platforms and channels like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. You can find bestselling products, keep an eye on competitors, identify promising sales and growth opportunities, and make better pricing decisions for your eComm store. 

There’s even a product matching algorithm to find products based on the description, title, price, or other characteristics. Additionally, Algopix provides insights into your competitors’ pricing and product strategies, giving you a competitive edge. 

Zonbase — Product research and store analytics. 

Zonbase is an all-in-one product research platform that comes with research, sales optimization, listing optimization, and profit-boosting features. You can research using the platform’s proprietary database of 20 million+ best-selling products and find winners for your store. 

Source: Zonbase

It scans bestselling products from Amazon and helps existing and new sellers to get insights, help, assistance, and data to dominate Amazon listings. There’s a large library of PPC ads that you can use to spy on competitors and/or optimize your existing listings. There’s even an AI-powered listing improvement tool to accelerate the entire process. 

DSers — AliExpress dropshipping automation platform

DSers is a robust research tool that you can use to find products for your store, along with suppliers from AliExpress. It has a built-in automation solution that allows you to import products to your Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix Store and start processing orders on autopilot. 

Source: DSers

DSers is one of the few official dropshipping partners for AliExpress and promises an efficient supply chain, bulk order creation, real-time order tracking, and more. 

Intelligynce — eCommerce product research and store analysis.  

Intelligynce is a smart product research tool to help you quickly spy on top stores and niches and populate best-selling products for your eCommerce stores. The platform has insights from over 400,000 online stores and 1.9 million products that you can use instantly to find hot sellers and winning products. 

Source: Intelligynce

You can use AliExpress, top Shopify stores, Amazon, eBay, or other sources to extract information about what’s working for others. So, the platform takes assumptions out of your eCommerce product selection, pricing, and supply chain strategy by offering data-backed insights from all over the internet.

There’s even a social media spying feature to find top posts, videos, and content from popular stores. So, you can improve your content creation efforts quickly. With a large database, a lifetime deal on record, and useful free add-on tools, it’s a great product research solution for eComm store owners.

Top up your eComm product research efforts with GapScout. 

All the above product research solutions help you find products that are already popular on social media or online platforms. But sometimes, real gold lies not in what others are buying, but in what everyone’s talking about. 

GapScout is a powerful market research tool that enables you to take a step beyond the ordinary, scan online reviews, extract the voice of customers, and make smarter decisions regarding product development, pricing, marketing, and more.

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