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The origin story.

Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman

Founder, GapScout

When I started my first software company, I had to find a way to compete against massive, venture funded competitors. They had endless money and a massive presence. It was intimidating to say the least!

To stand out, I spent countless days reading feedback and reviews of not only my own product, but my competition. I learned that to create raving fans, you need to give people what they want. To listen, and then deliver!

The result? My small, life-style business turned into a multi-million dollar brand used by tens of thousands of people worldwide!

I created GapScout so that you can do the same for your business!

As you can see, I completely believe in the power of online reviews… but you have to know where to look!

GapScout eliminates the need to guess, and instead delivers a proven system for extracting golden opportunities in your market. 

It does the heavy lifting, all that is left is for you to take appropriate action on your newly discovered insights!