What is GapScout?

We help you stay ahead of the competition by identifying gaps in your industry and providing insights to help you succeed. GapScout empowers you to develop the products and services that your customers want.

Our story

How we got here

2022 • Q3

Inspiration Hits

GapScout founder Justin Ferriman has the idea to automate the process he used when building his first bootstrapped software company to over 42,000 users.

2022 • Q3

Development Begins

Justin assembles an all-star team of eager developers, designers, and content creators to begin the GapScout journey!

2023 • Q3

Beta Launch!

The first public beta is scheduled and will be made first available to the early adopters. Sign up to be in the know!

Our Vision

Our goal is to give you the most cutting-edge AI technology and expert assistance, so you can create unique (and profitable) products that your customers love.

The Goal 

Unlock new profitability

Hit a wall?

Finding the best ways to improve your profitability isn’t always clear.

Information overload?

There are an endless number of books, blogs, and videos to review, but they don’t apply directly to your business. 

Enter GapScout!

Our AI will sift through consumer opinions and tell you exactly what they are looking for, how you are performing, and where you can improve. No more guessing!

“When I started my first software company, I was up against massive venture funded competition. To win market share, I created a system to find out exactly what customers wanted, and how to gain an advantage on my competitors. It worked, but it was a manual process.

GapScout is the result of refining and then automating my method by using the latest in AI technology so that you too can find the golden opportunities that exist in your market!”

Justin Ferriman
Founder, GapScout

Ready To Get Started?

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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