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GapScout analyzes every review written about your business (and your competitors), and then reveals the most profitable gaps in the market!


Gain an unfair advantage!

Give customers exactly what they want.

Scan & Scope Reviews

Online reviews are the single best place to find out what your customers want, but analyzing them all can take weeks!

Our AI gathers the reviews and identifies the common themes so that you can position your brand to meet the exact needs of your market!

Extract the Gold

Your market is telling you exactly what you are doing right, and more importantly, what you can improve.

Stop guessing, and start making profitable decisions based on real feedback.

Your Business Grows

Using your newfound insights, your brand can now be better positioned to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Make more sales, get better reviews, and become the “go-to” option in your market!


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When will GapScout be available?
Pre-beta (early) access is scheduled for Q1 2023, depending on how smooth things go during initial development.

How much will it cost?
We do not know exact pricing at this time, but the goal is to make GapScout accessible to solopreneurs and small businesses.

Will you keep me updated?
Yes, we will send updates to the email address you provide in the form above.