Best marketing opportunities for 2023

If a business wants to succeed, a key element is marketing. The best products and services mean little if nobody is aware they exist. Fortunately, there are ample online marketing opportunities available to get the word out successfully.

There is just one issue: the sheer number of marketing opportunities. Yes, there are many tactics you can utilize, but they can vary in effectiveness – particularly in this day and age where customers are savvier than ever when faced with promotional materials.

How can you cut through the chaff? How can you maximize your marketing dollars? Well, reading this guide is a great starting point!

Instead of trying to guess the best marketing opportunities for 2023 and beyond, we have put together the following list. By adding the below strategies to your marketing repertoire, you will have the necessary foundation to boost visibility for your brand.

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Content marketing for the win.

Blogging is the most famous of marketing opportunities today. This girl is at her computer, taking notes on her next blog post.

Content marketing is not new. In fact, it has been around for decades at this stage. Yet, with the way it has evolved over the years, content marketing has never been more important for organizations to improve their visibility and organic traffic numbers.

Blog Posts

When someone thinks of content marketing, their first thought usually turns to blogging. This is the most traditional form of content marketing, having long been used by marketing professionals to land on the first page of relevant Google search results.

While search engine optimization (SEO) with blogging was once a case of cramming in as many keywords as possible in a 300–500-word article, that is not the case these days. A lot of care, creativity, and valuable information needs to be injected into each piece of blog content.

For a greater idea, here is what the standard modern blog post must incorporate:

Engaging tone of voice: The tone of voice depends on your audience. This voice will be much different on a medical blog than, say, one about planning parties. Either way, it is important to be engaging and original with how the content is written.

Long-form is best: It is true: you can still produce worthwhile blogs at the 500-word mark. However, the recommendation is to opt for long-form content when it makes sense. While there are different definitions for long-form content, the consensus is a blog post that racks up at least 1,000 words. We make sure that blog posts on this site are at least 1,200-1,500 words, but they are often 2,000 words long.

Packed with information: Even if the aim is to get over 1,000 words, it is essential you avoid pumping up your content with fluff. You need to pack it with useful, relevant information in all areas. Quotes, stats, research findings, etc., are all helpful.

Add other media: It is wise to avoid simply producing a wall of text. Other media types should also be incorporated for added context, value, and visual flair. Think of media like images, videos, interactive charts, and infographics.

Break it up: Along with other media types, there are various methods available to break up content and re-engage readers. This can be with elements such as subheadings, spotlighted quotes, and bullet-point lists.


If our blog content is not enough of an example, one of the best in the marketing sector is undoubtedly the Ahrefs blog.

Along with helpful advice on how to boost your SEO knowledge, each blog post is expertly crafted with oodles of valuable info and an absorbing structure.

Podcast Content

Podcasting is also something that has been around for many years at this stage. As a promotional tool, however, it is still an element of content marketing that is underutilized. Yet a podcast is an excellent tactic to expand your brand’s reach and target potential customers in a different market.

There are many reasons why podcasting is one of the best marketing opportunities available. Besides being relatively cheap to get up and running, a podcast is easy to consume. Blog posts and videos, for example, demand your undivided attention. On the other hand, podcasts can be listened to in pretty much any situation, whether that is on the work commute or pumping iron in the gym.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is how podcasting can boost brand affinity. Quality podcast content naturally leads to an engaged audience, and this assists with building strong relationships between your business and customers.


Red Hat Software is a company that produces open-source software products. This might not seem like an industry that could naturally lead to success in the podcast game.

However, Red Hat Software was behind the award-winning Command Line Heroes, a technology podcast that ran for nine seasons and generated millions of downloads.  

YouTube/Video Content

Video production should always be part of any modern content strategy. Yes, filming and editing require greater effort than other content types. Yet the rewards on offer are well worth the effort.

It is no secret that video content is the most engaging content type around. Its visual nature can be an instant attention-grabber, while the combination of sound, movement, and text ensures people stick around.

When venturing onto a different platform, YouTube is the number one choice for video content. That is no surprise. This is the most popular video hosting platform by some distance, which means you can maximize visibility for your content. However, even if you create a video specifically for YouTube, this can be repurposed in other ways – more on that later!


Engadget is a technology blog that started life back in 2004. To maintain relevance and increase visibility across platforms, the brand has utilized multiple marketing opportunities – including YouTube.

As of today, the Engadget YouTube channel has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers.

Paid advertising is a proven marketing opportunity.

Google and Twitter icons on a phone.

Paid advertising will continue to be an integral marketing strategy. Content marketing can deliver long-term success, yes, but instant results are possible with an effective approach to paid advertising.

There are numerous points to consider with paid ads. The first is selecting the right platform. Popular choices include:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Amazon Ads

The platform – or platforms – you pick is dependent on various factors. These factors include the ad type you want to use, which platform best matches up to your goals, and your budget.

You may also ponder going with a less trodden path, like paid directories that accept pay-per-click ads. Say your business is built around software. In this case, using PPC ads on Capterra, a software marketplace vendor, could get your software in front of the right potential customers.

Even if you choose the right ad platform, there is still work to be done.

For a start, you have to produce ad copy that sells. This can be difficult when you only have a limited amount of space to work with for your ads. They need to be snappy, eye-catching, and able to get people to click with just a few short words.

Additionally, you have to use the data that is available to you. Keyword trends, audiences, demographics – all of these have to be considered. Studying the data is also necessary to further refine the performance of your ads.

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Social media for finding the audience.

Phone with social media icons.

Another marketing pillar is social media. While the social media landscape continues to change over time, your brand must be represented on the channels that are most used by your audience.

Popular social media platforms for 2023 include:

Facebook: Even though it is creeping up to its 20th birthday, Facebook remains a prominent fixture in digital marketing campaigns. There are numerous powerful tools available to build and engage your audience, ranging from a simple video post to using a chatbot solution.

Instagram: If visual content plays to the strengths of your brand, Instagram is a no-brainer. The platform is built on photo and video content, and it continues to be one of the most prevalent social media channels around.

TikTok: It is no longer the new kid on the block. TikTok quickly became one of the leading social media platforms – and it shows no sign of relinquishing its lofty status. If you have the ability to produce fun, laid-back video content for your brand, you might be onto a winner with TikTok.

Twitter: Assuming Twitter sticks around for 2023 following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform, it remains a strong marketing channel for brands. Text, image, and video posts can all be created with ease, and it only takes a few likes and retweets for visibility to snowball.

LinkedIn: Known as the social media platform for professionals, this is the choice for B2B marketing. You can also keep customers up-to-date about your business, hire new team members, and generate leads.

Of course, this is only scratching the surface. You also have the likes of Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms to push your brand content.

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How to maximize results with marketing opportunities.

Dart board with arrow in bullseye.

Yes, they are big marketing opportunities – but they are not an open goal. You need to put in considerable effort to take full advantage of these opportunities. Here are some important tips to maximize results.

Share Across Platforms

Even if you create content for one platform, it does not mean it has to remain on one platform. In fact, it is highly recommended you share this content across your different channels.

For instance, say you produce blog content. The main hope is that people will find it through search engine results. Yet, you can give it an extra push through the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Along with producing extra clicks, the additional viewers can also support your SEO efforts.

Speaking of blogging, you could even inject other content into your posts. Social media posts can be embedded into your blog posts, as can YouTube videos, infographics, and other content that was originally purposed for other platforms.

The more you can integrate your different marketing opportunities, the more coherent your overall strategy will be in achieving business goals.

Content Repurposing

We touched upon this earlier. However, it is well worth its own section in this guide. The reason: it is one of the most effective ways to maximize your content’s reach and brand visibility.

As an example, you could make a YouTube video. This is gathering a nice chunk of views already. Yet by sticking to YouTube, you are limiting the number of people that will see your content. Yes, YouTube is massive, but it is not the be-all and end-all. So, instead of sticking to YouTube, you can repurpose this video into social media posts.

Now, you do not need to post the entire video on Twitter or TikTok. Instead, you can take snippets of the video. With these snippets, you can entice people to watch the rest of the video on, you guessed it, YouTube.

That is just one example. Content repurposing works in many different ways. You can create an infographic out of a blog post. You might take a podcast clip and post this on YouTube. You could transcribe a video and create new blog content.

The list goes on and on. Either way, content repurposing is one of the best ways to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Use the Right Tools

There are many tools available to improve your marketing endeavors. Here is a small collection of recommendations:

WordPress: If you are searching for a blogging platform, none come more recommended than WordPress. Easy to use and with a range of plugins available, it is easy to format and publish blog posts exactly as you envisage.

Snappa: Make sure your ads have that professional appearance with Snappa. This software is ideal for those without graphic design experience, where it allows you to create everything from high-quality ads to social media graphics in an instant.

GapScout: What if you are struggling to come up with content ideas? This is a common problem. However, you do not have to suffer from that creative block for long. By utilizing software like GapScout, you can uncover new content opportunities via AI technology and relevant business data.

With the right tools in place, you can speed up and optimize your marketing tactics. This results in maximizing results while spending less on your campaigns.

Wrapping up the best marketing opportunities for 2023.

In order to be successful in your business, you need to pursue marketing opportunities that best fit your brand voice and gets your message across to the relevant audience. There is no “one size fits all” approach. You should experiment with a variety of marketing efforts to maximize your reach.

Not sure how to get started? Email us, and we will happily point you into the right direction. Just let us know what your business does and what you are currently doing for your marketing efforts.

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