7 AI tools for target audience research

Everyone tells you to know your audience — their desires, needs, motivations, habits, etc. Not many tell you how to get started, though. Interestingly, AI has made conducting target audience research for business easier. This article covers seven AI tools for target audience research you should be using right now. 

Qualifyed.AI  — Predict lookalike audiences

Qualifyed uses your existing audience, customers, and prospect data to automate creating lookalike audiences. Kookalike audiences are prospects similar to your existing audience but have one or more distinguishing features. For example, if your audience loves HBO’s True Crime drama, there is a high chance that Netflix users might be interested too.

The tool helps you utilize your first-party data and predicts lookalike audiences in the age of privacy. When other platforms fail at reaching out to your audience, try this AI tool for target audience research.

The tool is great for businesses looking to expand their reach or wanting to enter new (but similar markets) without starting everything from scratch. 

User Evaluation — AI-powered customer insights. 

User Evaluation is a great AI tool for target audience research that helps you understand your customer insights quickly. It creates AI-generated insights, reports, presentations, data visualizations, and even transcriptions. 

Using existing customer conversations, the platform helps you understand what’s working for your customers (and what’s not). The tool has an AI transcription to convert video interviews to text. Then, the insights tool helps visualize underlying trends, identify key themes, and unearth meaningful insights.

It integrates with all major project management and UX apps to make your workflow seamless and help you move faster. Plus, the AI chat feature enables you to ask deeper questions in case you need more insight. 

All the insight can be used to add real-world data to your existing customer personas, improve your product positioning, enhance marketing, and improve customer satisfaction scores. 

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GapScout — Automate market research using customer reviews.

GapScout automates market research for you and provides real-time insights into what your customers think and say about you. It scans online platforms, customer reviews, and feedback and automatically performs sentiment analysis to tell you what’s working or not for your business. 

You can also keep an eye on competitors’ reviews to find new market opportunities, unearth customer pain points, and use the information to create a comprehensive picture of your ideal customers. 

GapScout’s sentiment analysis helps you discover brand perception among real customers who are using, interacting, and talking about your product. So you can know what they really like or not in real-time. 

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Userpersona — Generate user personas from scratch. 

If you’re just getting started and documenting personas is not your strong suit, Userpersona can assist you very well. Userpersona can automatically generate a detailed user persona based on your product or service description. You can create detailed ideal customer profiles (ICPs) using the tool. 

The solution uses generative AI and data from different sources to give you information about your audience’s habits, likes, dislikes, and more. Remember to validate your customer persona insights using real-world data using a generative AI tool like Userpersona. 

CrowdView — Know what users are talking about online.  

CrowdView is an interesting tool for consumer research. It is designed in the form of a search engine that uses online forums as a data point to let you know what your audience thinks. 

You can use the platform to find what your audience is talking about your product, industry, or trends and unearth the underlying opportunities. The platform brings public domain data on a single platform, which you can filter based on your market research or audience insight needs. 

OpinioAI: Automate market research surveys. 

For entrepreneurs who feel that conducting market research surveys is a tiresome job, OpinioAI simplifies your life. OpinioAI helps you create AI-generated versions of your personas for market research. 

You can generate a detailed audience persona that imitates your ideal customers and ask questions you want answers to. So, you don’t have to rely on surveys or spend a lot of time asking questions. 

Though the AI tool for target audience research needs some human insight, the best use case is to utilize OpinioAI as a starter research platform to find relevant insights and validate your assumptions using real-world data like online reviews to create holistic personas for your marketing, product development, pricing, and more. 

ExactBuyer Search — Find and track your ideal customers. 

ExactBuyer is an AI prospecting tool that can be used efficiently to know your audience better. You can use it to search for your ideal customers, analyze their profile data using AI and utilize the information to create truly realistic buyer personas for your business. 

You can create a hyper-focused target audience, enrich your personas with real-time data, and improve your understanding of your audience. Not only that, you can use the tool for real-time prospecting, too. The tool updates your audience information in real-time and even allows you to search using semantic terms, so you are always updated about what, why, how, and where your audience is. 

You can use the tool to improve your marketing effectiveness by utilizing real-time information to create targeted campaigns, personalize your pitch, or improve your positioning. The prospecting feature can even help your sales, improving your sales and marketing alignment metrics. 

Take audience research up a notch using online reviews.  

The more specific you are in your audience research, the better your marketing, product, and development efforts will pay you. Using online reviews for market research and understanding your audience gives your efforts an added layer of validation. You can use online reviews to: 

  • Refine audience personas: Eliminate bias and the curse of knowledge by knowing exactly what your audience feels, does, and expects. Real-world reviews help you enrich your personas and accurately represent your ideal customers. 
  • Understanding competition: Monitor competitor reviews to understand how the audience feels about your competitors. This can help delight your audience by targeting your campaigns at the pain points they face while using competition. Also, it helps discover market opportunities that might attract your audience more. 
  • Discovering trends and patterns: Online reviews are a goldmine for sentiment analysis and identifying underlying trends. You can use the insights to continuously improve your product, listen proactively to emerging trends, and improve your proposition around audience expectations. 

Audience research is a game of strong information analysis, continuous improvements, and a strong understanding of human behavior. GapScout helps you save time and accelerate the process by unearthing audience insights as they emerge. Using AI for target audience research using sentiment analysis, GapScout brings you as close to reality as possible.

So, why not add GapScout to your audience research process and keep your personas as relevant and fresh always? 

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