Best AI tools for product managers

AI tools took the world by storm after the viral popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Suddenly, hundreds of AI tools flooded the market, to streamline everything, from content creation to market research, and more.

The world of product managers is not different. Here are seven AI tools for product managers to help speed up the validation, feedback, and optimization process. 

GapScout — AI analysis of customer reviews in your market to discover profitable opportunities. 

GapScout is a lifesaver for product managers who worship continuous discovery and want a real-time feedback loop. It scans all online reviews and customer feedback and provides real-time reports about what they like, dislike, or expect. 

GapScout Dashboard

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) models, GapScout also offers sentiment analysis of every review. You get a detailed report about customer insights that help product managers at every stage of the product development journey. You can readily use the insights to make better product decisions, improve positioning, tweak pricing strategy, or more. 

Set it up once and let it do the magic. You will get insights in real-time without spending much time scourging for gold within review platforms. 

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Delibr — Write detailed PRDs in minutes.  

Delibr is a nifty AI tool for product managers that uses AI to automate generating PRD (project requirement document). If you have been in the industry for some time, you know how much time can get lost in developing a clear PRD for development. 

Delibr asks you a few things about your requirement, like what you want, and gets to work as soon as you explain the requirement. It even has readymade templates that product managers can use to speed up the process further.  

You can also connect it to your existing PRD database to turn it into your second ‘product’ brain and let it help you write detailed and comprehensive PRDs that clearly communicate complex ideas. 

Mixpanel — Customer analytics for informed decision-making.

Mixpanel tracks user behavior and engagement throughout your products and lets you leverage data for making informed decisions. It serves as a ‘single source of truth’ to help product managers make data-driven decisions regarding your product. 

Mixpanel connects deeply with your product and lets you question it as an assistant to get real-time data about how people use your product or app. You can derive trends, uncover insights, ask questions, and be better informed without using complex data dashboards or SQL queries. 

Mixpanel uses AI to unearth insights based on user behavior, demographics, account types, and several other parameters. So, you can use the data to validate assumptions, beat the curse of knowledge, and reference a single source of truth while prioritizing important decisions without leaving anything to ‘chance’ or ‘luck.’  

Helpshift — Automate in-app feedback & customer service.

Helpshift is useful for product managers who take in-app customer service pretty seriously. The AI-powered platform enables you to automate customer interactions while giving deep insights into their behaviors. 

Helpshift lets you have an in-app customer support desk with chatbots, sentiment analysis capabilities, and machine learning features to improve customer interactions. At the same time, you can extract insights to discover the most common pain points and improve your overall product experience. 

For a product manager, having access to real-time customer queries is like a goldmine. Helpshift enables real-time access to pain points while solving them simultaneously. This helps improve your understanding of your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and customer satisfaction rates. 

H20.AI — AI/ML model for custom insights.

H2O.AI is an open-source platform that helps you harness the power of AI/ML and big data to get deep insights into your customer behavior. The distributed platform uses an automatic machine-learning algorithm to train and tune multiple models to produce predictive models that answer your product questions based on customer behavior. 

That is not all; H2O.AI can connect all your enterprise data to give you data-driven insights — on marketing, positioning, market research, customer behavior, and more.

For developers, makers, and entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of AI for product development and optimization, H2O.AI is a great boilerplate with plenty of use cases suiting custom needs

Aha! — Build customer-centric roadmaps.  

Aha! is a product management suite powered by AI that helps make better product decisions and define priorities based on customer feedback. Predictive analytics and an intelligent scoring model are inbuilt, which can be used to ascertain which features and product decisions must be prioritized for customer delight. 

Source: Aha!

Aha! helps you capture ideas, manage product discovery, and promote product delivery. You can set your goals and initiatives and let it sort out the rest to help you build a truly customer-driven roadmap. 

Plus, the in-built AI tools like the writing assistance help create detailed PRDs, draft release notes, and customer emails, which saves you a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you can even manage the entire product management lifecycle to deliver real value at every step. 

Pendo Feedback (Formerly Receptive) — Automate customer feedback loop.

Pendo Feedback uses AI to prioritize feature requests based on customer feedback. It helps deliver what customers exactly want by centralizing in-app customer feedback,  discovering customers’ most critical needs/desires, and making the right investment in building a customer-centric product. 

It also automates the customer feedback loop by sharing real-time updates from product teams on feature requests. This makes customers feel valued and involved, helping you improve your satisfaction scores. Plus, you can improve transparency regarding product decisions among stakeholders, promising them a customer-first and value-driven approach to product development. 

Supercharge your product development with artificial intelligence

Product management is tricky, and with every business in the race for product-market fit, agility, and faster time-to-market matters. Artificial Intelligence can save you time and effort by automating several recurring tasks. 

By starting to use AI-powered tools for your product development journey, you can quickly fulfill your product development and growth ambitions in a competitive business ecosystem. 

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