5 market research tools to help you research faster

Using technology for market research is a great way to beat the competition and grab early opportunities. Many SaaS tools help marketers, researchers, and business owners to gather valuable market data for market research. 

This article will look at the five market research tools that help you speed up your market research process.

Most of the tools in this list will help you discover insights, conduct surveys, and collect consumer feedback and data from online sources, but you can also use them to automate repetitive tasks.

Let’s begin! 

1. GapScout — Automate feedback-driven market research 

Market research tool, GapScout, homepage.

GapScout analyzes online feedback about your business, industry, and competitors. You can use it to quickly start a customer-driven market research process to discover market gaps. 

As the market research tool gathers real audience insights, you benefit from micro-level audience data, such as the exact problems they’re facing. This helps you create a contextually relevant product offer and proposition and refine your overall marketing. 

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to speed up market research and help you save time. It scans all online reviews automatically and records customer insights in a central dashboard that you can use later for: 

  • Finding new growth opportunities 
  • Identifying market gaps 
  • Getting hold of customer insights in real-time 

Since the tool scans review data in real-time, you can use it to continuously refine your product through different stages of your company’s growth. 

Useful For: 

Solopreneurs, small business owners, and early-stage founders who want to: 

  • Start market research without wasting a lot of time. 
  • Identify market gaps and customer pain points worth addressing 
  • Improve the brand positioning and product proposition 

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2. Think with Google — Identify macro-level insights

When it comes to research, no list can be complete without mentioning Google. Think with Google is a set of market research tools that help discover interesting insights based on data available with Google. 

Think with Google helps get hold of data, statistics, and information about the industry’s current state. You can use this data to identify opportunities, refine your marketing strategy, and drive decision-making. 

As a bundle of tools, it has some really useful solutions for improving your market research process. For example, you can use Google Trends to discover how many people are searching for a product or service, Market Finder to shortlist the regions and markets to target, or Find My Audience to discover your potential target audience.  

Think with Google tools for market research
Source: Think with Google Tools

Think With Google might not give you exact answers to the questions you’re struggling with. Instead, it will provide you with macro-level data trends and patterns to help you make better decisions. 

For example, use the ‘affinity audience’ feature within the Find My Audience tool to find information about your audience’s habits and interests. Use the insights to refine buyer personas, test marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions.

Look at Think with Google toolkit as a source of curated data, statistics, and online information to drive a data-driven mindset throughout the market research process. 

Use the insights available on Google across different industries and demographics to kickstart your market research process. Then use human wisdom to refine your decisions and strategies. 

Useful For: 

Marketers and decision makers who need data for: 

  • Proving hypothesis regarding product demand or industry growth 
  • Creating a data-driven culture throughout the lifecycle of a business.

Pricing: Free to use 

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3. Typeform — Conduct market surveys 

If you’re planning to conduct primary market research surveys, Typeform should be your go-to platform. Typeform offers a user-friendly platform to create interactive forms and online surveys for your audience. 

Typeform landing page
Source: Typeform.com

You can use Typeform to conduct primary research and find answers from your potential customers, especially if you’re targeting younger audiences. 

Typeform is a more suitable market research tool than any other form builder because its unique conversational design shows just a single question at one time. So, your audience (or focus group members) does not get intimidated (or overwhelmed) after seeing a long list of questions. The design-led survey design helps capture human insights without distractions, ensuring the best results.  

A huge template library consisting of several market research survey templates speeds up the process of conducting market research. 

When thinking of launching a new product line or achieving product-market fit with the help of real users, use Typeform to create a survey and share the survey link to start gathering insights. Analytics features help you analyze qualitative insights for large amounts of data quickly. 

Useful For: 

Established companies with a large customer base looking to: 

  • Conduct primary market research for launching a new product line 
  • Conducting online product/user satisfaction surveys

Pricing: Starts at $25/month for up to 100 responses. 

4. SEMRush — Explore market opportunities and competitors 

SEMRush is not just an SEO tool. It has a powerful market explorer tool to help with market research. You can use it to discover information about key players in an industry, market size, audience insights, and more. 

SEMRush helps you start a competitor/rival-powered market research process. You can use its Growth Quadrant feature to analyze the competitive landscape. Get growth insights from niche, established companies and market leaders in your industry and then use them to strengthen your proposition or marketing strategy. 

Growth quadarant - SEMRush.com
Source: SemRush.com

SEMRush can be a great tool to add to your arsenal when launching your business online. Use it to speed up market research by spying on your competitor’s digital footprint, accessing historical growth trends, and identifying gaps and opportunities. 

So, when you want to get the most out of SEMRush, club the insights you grab with real-time customer reviews, and you’ll have an elaborate strategy for tackling competition and catering to market demand. 

Useful For: 

eCommerce startups, online businesses, and website owners who want to: 

  • Spy on competition and drive organic growth 
  • Discover online demand or growth trends using historical data 

Pricing: Starts at $119.95 per month. 

5. Attest — Get consumer feedback quickly

Attest is a niche market research platform for marketers searching for data about their ideal customers. The market research tool’s homepage says that it helps gather continuous insights into who your consumer is, what they think, how they act, and more. 

Source: Askattest.com

Designed for consumer profiling, market analysis, aid new product development, and market testing, Attest helps businesses get closer to their audience. 

The built-in audience feature on the platform allows you to connect with over 125 million consumers across 58 countries for surveys, market testing, and gathering real-time insights. 

So, if you are looking to conduct primary research to test out a concept, get in the minds of real users, and need answers fast, Attest is an excellent solution. 

Useful For: 

Businesses in D2C, F&B, fintech, beauty & fashion, baby care, or pet industry who want to: 

  • Conduct primary market research without the fuss of building focus groups 
  • Concept testing to launch a new product or service in a region 

Pricing: Starts at $0.50 per response, with a minimum cap of 50,000 responses per study. 

Start market research powered by real feedback now 

Technology has turned market research from a time-consuming activity into an entrepreneur-friendly process that takes 5 minutes daily. When done by keeping your target audience close, it helps identify insights that define future success. 

So, why not begin market research using available insights and real-consumer data like online reviews? 

GapScout helps you capture, monitor, and analyze real-time audience insights without needing you to lift a finger. So, just put it in motion, and get real-time insights to help you make important business decisions.

And if you’re confused, here are a few resources to help you get started: 

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